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CTOPP-2nd Edition & Follow-Up for GORT-5, WRMT III, TWS-4 and CTOPP-2nd Edition

Event Name: CTOPP-2nd Edition & Follow-Up for GORT-5, WRMT III, TWS-4 and CTOPP-2nd Edition
Exam Arrival Time:
Sponsor: Region 10 ESC
Type: Continuing Education
Chapter: N/A
Contact Hours: 6
Dates / Times: Ongoing
Description: This full-day session is a step by step procedure for the administration and scoring (test administration) of the CTOPP-2 (Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing-2), AND the follow-up session (test interpretation) for the GORT-5 (Gray Oral Reading Test-5), WRMT III (Woodcock Reading Mastery Test III), TWS-4 (Test of Written Spelling-4), and CTOPP-2. The CTOPP-2 test administration portion of this session will be delivered first. The follow-up portion of this session will begin upon the completion of the CTOPP-2 test administration. The follow-up portion of the session will provide time for questions and discussion of the administration and scoring of the above named test instruments. For the CTOPP-2 portion of the workshop, participants are REQUIRED to bring the complete CTOPP-2 test instrument, and at least one protocol. For the follow-up portion of this workshop, participants are asked to bring practice tests to discuss.
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Presenter(s): Linda L. Sullivan is a Licensed Dyslexia Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Southern Methodist University in Education of the Hearing Impaired and a Master’s degree from Texas A&M – Commerce in Counseling and Guidance. Ms. Sullivan is a private psychoeducational assessment specialist diagnosing Dyslexia and related disorders.
Cost: No fee for currently employeed district/charter educators w/in Region 10 ESC. A fee of $50.00 for currently employeed out of Region 10 ESC district/charter educators.
Contact: Gina Mitchell MLA, LDT, CALT

Location: Region 10 ESC
400 E. Spring Valley Rd.
Richardson, TX 75081

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