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(Updated July 2017)

For a detailed explanation of CEUs, please view the Policies & Procedures.

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  1. FAQs about ALTA CEUs
  2. How to Record My CEUs

FAQs about CEUs

  1. Why does ALTA require CEUs for members?
    Requiring Continuing Education Units promotes current, competent methods and standards of practice in academic language therapy, a standard for certifying organizations.

  2. What is a CEU?
    Continuing Education Units are the contact hours earned through attendance of approved workshops, seminars, conferences, on-line events, or other approved alternate methods of professional development. Contact hours represent the exact time spent in the approved events such as: Attendance of a six-hour conference (9:00 – 3:00, with an hour lunch break) = 6 CEU contact hours credit; Participation in a 2 hour webinar = 2 CEU contact hours credit. Further information regarding other types of "alternative" methods of fulfilling the CEU requirement can be found in the Section III of the ALTA CEU Quick Reference, as well as question #21 of this FAQs document.

  3. How many hours are required?
    Ten contact hours of CEU credit are required each year. At least 3 contact hours must be earned by attendance IN PERSON. (See #21 for more information.)

  4. Why is ALTA requiring QIs and ICALPs to turn in documentation for 10 contact hours of CEU credit each year?
    Qualified Instructors of Certified Academic Language Therapists (QIs) and Instructors of Certified Language Practitioners (ICALPs) are audited annually because they train teachers and therapists, as well as individuals working to become QIs and ICALPs. To insure that QIs and ICALPs are knowledgeable regarding the most current research based methods and procedures in the field, the ALTA Board of Directors requires that documentation of continuing education be submitted annually.

  5. Who will keep track of the hours accumulated?
    All approved contact hours for CEU credit should be recorded here by the member so that their record of CEUs is complete for the following year's renewal process.

  6. What is the process if I've read an approved book or watched an approved video?
    All CEU Book / Video / Webinar Report Forms will be automatically sent to the CEU Co-Chair. Once approved, you will receive an approval letter in reply for your records. Please refer to the CEU Book List or the CEU Video List for approved resources.

  7. What documentation is required if I am selected for audit?
    If you are selected for audit, when you renew, the system will walk you through the verification of your 10 hours of continuing education credits and prompt you to submit a Member Verification Form along with copies of the necessary documentation. (See Question 16 for further information about the types of documentation required from the sponsoring agency.)

  8. When will I be notified that I have been selected for audit?
    You will be notified 45 days prior to the membership renewal date.

  9. How many members will be audited each year?
    Each year 5% of the membership will be randomly selected for audit. All QIs and ICALPs are audited each year.

  10. What if I am selected for audit and lack the required 10 contact hours of CEU Credit?
    You have a 90-day grace period in which to acquire and submit verification of your CEUs. After this date, members who have not submitted the required documentation will be subject to penalties and/or disciplinary action as per the ALTA Membership Renewal Policies and Procedures. A 20% late renewal fee will be assessed if the documentation is postmarked after the 90-day grace period.

  11. What if I earn more than the required 10 contact hours of CEU credit annually?
    A maximum of 10 contact hours of CEU credit may be accrued during a renewal period. Any extra CEUs accrued may be applied during the next three consecutive renewal periods. First hours earned will be used first. If extra hours have not been used at the end of four years, those hours will be dropped.

  12. How long do I need to keep my hours documentation?
    We advise that you keep CEU documentation for a minimum of 3 years.

  13. I just completed my certification requirements. When do I begin documenting CEUs?
    Your CEU requirement begins immediately upon your certification with ALTA. You should accrue and retain your CEU credits as soon as you join ALTA. NOTE: Members certified after March 1 will need to provide CEU verification starting with their second ALTA renewal period.

  14. How will I know the times and locations of CEU events in my area?
    Please refer to the ALTA Calendar for a list of approved events.

  15. What if I want to submit an event for inclusion on the calendar?
    To submit an event for consideration so that you and others may receive CEU credit for attending the event that has not already been pre-approved for ALTA contact hours, ALTA members may submit the Group Event Approval Form for review by the Chairman of the CEU committee at least two weeks prior to the conference or event.

  16. What if continuing education sponsors in my area do not have ALTA approval?
    To receive CEU credit for attending a conference or event that has not been pre-approved for ALTA contact hours, ALTA members must obtain individual approval two weeks prior to the conference or event. The event may be submitted for pre-approval by filling out the Individual Event Approval Form for review by the Chairman of the CEU committee.

  17. Am I required to pay a fee to accrue CEUs?
    Currently no fee is required to accrue CEUs. Registration fees, however, may be required by the Sponsors of particular events.

  18. Do I need documentation from the Sponsoring Agency?
    Yes, the sponsoring agency will provide a letter, form, transcript, or certificate. You will keep this documentation your personal ALTA CEU file in the event that you are selected for audit. These documents must submitted with your Member Verification Form to the ALTA office upon your selection for audit. Also refer to these documents when completing your membership renewal.

  19. Do I need to do anything if I am not selected for audit?
    Each year during the membership renewal process, you will be required to update your CEUs and submit your annual membership fee.

  20. If an ALTA member is presenting at an approved event, can she/he receive CEU credit?
    Yes, two hours of CEU credit may be earned for each hour of your presentation. Contact hours are limited to one presentation of the same topic and documentation is required. (See Section IIIA of ALTA CEU Approved Resources.) Presenters may fill out the Presenter CEU Approval Form to request approval for these contact hours.

  21. If I am unable to attend events in person, are there alternative means for accruing CEUs?

    Yes, members may accrue CEUs by the alternative means listed in Section III of the ALTA CEU PROCEDURES. At least 3 contact hours must be earned by attendance IN PERSON at ALTA approved conferences, workshops, online classes, or seminars each year. Please refer to the ALTA CEU Quick Reference for a more exhaustive list of alternate means for accruing CEUs (such as books, videos, etc.).

How to Record My CEUs

Step 1: Log in to your ALTA profile using your email address and password to access the "Members Only Section."

Step 2: Once in the members only area, click the "Record My CEUs" link under the CEUs section.

Step 3: Go to the "click here" link highlighted at the top of the page in order to record CEU events on the verification form. You will fill out the necessary information accordingly, including the name of the event under "session title," the date, presenters at the event, etc. Remember that 1 CEU is the equivalent to 1 hour attended at each event. If you attended an event for 3 hours, you will put 3 beside "Number of Contact Hours." If you attended an event for 5 hours and 30 minutes, you will put 5.5.

Since you are renewing for 2019-2020, you list the CEUs you earned under CEU year 2018-2019. This is because you earned the CEUs the year before so that you are able to renew in 2019-2020. Finally, click "Submit." If you need to start over, click "Reset" to clear the information.

Step 4: Once the event is submitted, you will click the link that says "Click here to verify that the information is correct" on the following page. Your CEUs will appear in a list format by membership year. If you need to update any information, or delete the entire event, click "Update" or "Delete" to the left of the event session title.

When it's time to turn in your CEU verification form, you should have 10 CEUs for the completed membership year.

Step 5: Any extra CEUs will roll over to the next renewal year. For instance, if you accumulated 13 CEUs in 2018-2019, 3 of those CEUs listed must go under 2019-2020. If you need to split some of your events up between membership periods in order to fit 10 CEUs under a specific year, you may do so. Here's an example: Suppose you have 2 events listed under 2018-2019. Event X counted for 6 CEUs, and Event Y counted for 7 CEUs. Obviously, there are 3 more CEUs listed than are required. Take one of those events and divide it between 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. You would list the remaining 3 CEUs for Event X under 2019-2020 with the exact same session title, date, etc., just a different CEU year because you are rolling the extra over.

Step 6: Once the CEUs are recorded correctly, and click "Members Only" under the "Members" tab. Mid-way down the page, click "Print My CEU Verification Form" under the CEUs/Audit section. Print the form and reserve it for your records. If you are a QI or ICALP, you will need to mail the form in with proof of the CEUs you listed.

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