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Etymology VII ~ The History of English Spelling: Letters and the Lexicon

Event Name: Etymology VII ~ The History of English Spelling: Letters and the Lexicon
Sponsor: LEX: Linguist~Educator Exchange
Type: Continuing Education
Chapter: N/A
Contact Hours: 15
Dates / Times: Friday, April 26, 09:00 AM -
Sunday, April 28, 03:30 PM
Description: Traditional (pedagogical) models of English spelling typically present a flawed ‘code’ in which ‘symbols’ do not reliably spell ‘sounds’ and inventories are rife with exceptions and irregularities. But linguistic models of English orthography present a more coherent system driven by meaning, morphological structure, and etymological governance before pronunciation. Spelling has developed, over time, in accordance with these linguistic guidelines, from the individual letters of the alphabet to the writing of word families. Join us as we investigate the etymological influences on English spelling and explore these influences in the Online Etymological Dictionary. Deepen your understanding of the rapid changes in both orthography and literacy that English speakers have experienced throughout history, topics that are highly relevant for all modern-day, digital-age, global teachers and scholars of English.
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Presenter(s): Gina Cooke, M.A., Principal of LEX: Linguist~Educator Exchange and Douglas Harper, author of The Online Etymology Dictionary
Cost: $200-$450
Contact: Gina Cooke, M.A.

Location: The Neil and Willa Jean Smalley Children’s Dyslexia Center Valley of Dayton for Children
525 West Riverview Avenue
Dayton, OH 45405

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