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Screening for Dyslexia: A Shelton Workshop

Event Name: Screening for Dyslexia: A Shelton Workshop
Sponsor: Christine Bedenbaugh
Type: Continuing Education
Chapter: N/A
Contact Hours: 7
Dates / Times: Saturday, November 16, 08:30 AM - 05:30 PM
Description: In response to the passage of Texas HB1886 requiring all students in kindergarten and 1st grade to be screened for dyslexia, Shelton will offer a one-day workshop on screening for dyslexia. Who Should Attend: Any professional who is working to identify dyslexia, including principals, SPED Directors, 504 Coordinators, curriculum and instruction coordinators, literacy directors, and Dyslexia Therapists. Attendees Will Learn: The definition of dyslexia as it applies to identification The biological basis of dyslexia The early warning signs of dyslexia The characteristics of dyslexia in early elementary grades The Texas laws governing the identification of dyslexia The PEIMS data and the cost to society and the individual What should be included in a screening versus an evaluation What a Shelton screening would look like and what a Shelton evaluation would look like The types of universal screeners available and how they work How to go beyond scores when identifying dyslexia What scores look like in actual batteries of testing What dyslexia sounds like in recordings of dyslexic readers What accommodation plan and remediation is recommended once a student is identified with dyslexia
Registration / More Info Link:
Presenter(s): Laure Ames Ph.D. LPC-S
Cost: $300.00
Contact: Consuela Teague

Location: Shelton School
15720 Hillcrest
Dallas, AK 75248

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