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Language Foundations (Structured Language Basics)

Event Name: Language Foundations (Structured Language Basics)
Sponsor: Titans Foundation and Sandy Thompson
Type: Continuing Education
Chapter: N/A
Contact Hours: 35
Dates / Times: Monday, June 24, 08:30 AM -
Friday, June 28, 04:30 PM
Description: Language Foundations is a compilation of structured techniques for multisensory teaching of language skills. Language Foundations is substantially based on Orton-Gillingham-Childs concepts and Alphabetic Phonics, developed by Aylett Royall Cox. Orton-Gillingham concepts of multisensory teaching and remediation of dyslexia as an educational approach to a medical problem have had phenomenal success as a therapeutic application to both individual and small group situations. However, the length of time required for remediation (usually three years) and the small number of individuals served by one therapist led this author to devise a program which could be used by teachers in the regular classroom, in a 45 minute time span, and could be combined with any basal reading program. This program is equally successful with elementary, secondary, and adult students for whom reading and spelling present significant problems. More importantly, the use of Language Foundations in the primary grades can act as a preventative measure for difficulty with reading and spelling in the later grades. It is designed for the regular classroom and is scripted, which enables the classroom teacher to access the extensive knowledge of the Academic Language Therapist and deliver the curriculum to students in 125 lessons. Language Foundations delivers the complete range of phonemic awareness activities and the forty-four sounds and ninety-eight spellings of the English language in a sequential, multisensory, repetitive, spiraling approach. To facilitate fluency and prosody in reading, each lesson includes a decodable story based on the graphemes presented in the lesson. The morphological sources and grammatical structures of the English language, as well as written composition directives, are included in the curriculum. The program also includes assessment at approximately each fifteen lessons which enables the teacher to track student success.
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Presenter(s): Sandy Thompson, M.Ed, C.A.L.T., Q.I, L.D.T
Cost: $1,270
Contact: Robin Hoeymans

Location: St. Mary's Catholic School
600 Veirs Mill Road
Rockville, MD 20852

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