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Etymology! VI: Middle English

Etymology! VI: Middle English

Event Name: Etymology! VI: Middle English
Sponsor: LEX: Linguist~Educator Exchange
Type: Continuing Education
Chapter: N/A
Contact Hours: 11
Dates / Times: Saturday, March 24, 09:00 AM -
Sunday, March 25, 03:00 PM
Description: This sixth annual Etymology! conference with Gina Cooke (LEX) and Douglas Harper is a two-day session dedicated to the study of the history of English. We tackle common myths about etymology and morphology, and this year's conference focuses on the changes in our language during the Middle English period. What was Norman French really like? How did Anglo-Norman scribes shape our writing system? What other characters and events had an impact on English, and what are their vestiges today?
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Presenter(s): Gina Cooke, M.A., is the principal of LEX and a certified teacher trainer. Douglas Harper is a historian, author, journalist, and lecturer who is solely responsible for the research and authorship of the Online Etymology Dictionary.
Cost: TBD
Contact: Gina Cooke, M.A.

Location: The Historic Irvington Ballroom
2131 NE Thompson Street
Portland, OR 97212

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