ALTA Conference Videos

Non-CEU Videos are available for free, but they will not count for CEU credit.

CEU Videos — In order to get CEU credit for these videos, you will have to pay to view them and when finished, be sure to follow the CEU Video instructions found here. NOTE: ALTA members who obtain the URL by a means other than purchasing them here will not be eligible for the CEU credits until they pay for access.

2017 Conference Videos

31st Annual ALTA National Conference
May 5-6, 2017
Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel

Videos include the 2017 Business Meeting, the I Believe in Myself Award, and sessions by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, Margie Gillis, Timothy N. Odegard, and Amy Elleman.

2017 Videos

2016 Conference Videos

30th Annual ALTA National Conference
April 15-16, 2016
Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel

Videos include the 2016 Business Meeting, Happy Birthday ALTA, the Awards session, and educational sessions by the Marilyn Mathis, Marcia Henry, Tammy Diecken, Margaret Smith, Judith Birsh, Nancy Cushen-White, Reid Lyon, and Tincy Miller.

2016 Videos

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