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Gifts and Donations

Gifts and Donations

Foundation Facts

The ALTA Foundation is a philanthropic affiliate of the Academic Language Therapy Association. It is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization and operates as a separate charitable entity. Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible and may be given to the general fund or designated for a special use. The Foundation is governed by its own board of directors. A contribution to the ALTA Foundation will provide the opportunity for a child with dyslexia and related written-language disorders to be successful or for teachers to learn highly specialized teaching techniques for working with this special population of learners. Please consider a gift to the general fund or designating a gift to one of the following:

Scholarships For Therapists In Training

The ALTA Centers Council accredits programs which meet the ALTA standards of training for academic language therapists. Through the George and Aylett Royall Cox Scholarship Fund, the ALTA Centers Council provides financial assistance to qualified candidates. Your contribution to this fund will help a dedicated teacher achieve certification as an academic language therapist.

Scholarships For Students In Therapy

Private remedial academic language therapy is at times indicated for a student with severe written-language disabilities. Your contribution to this fund will provide financial assistance for academic language therapy to students whose families are financially unable to provide for their special needs.

Continuing Education

The ALTA Spring Conference, the Journal of Academic Language Therapy, and approved Continuing Education courses provide information on current research and practices as well as interaction with nationally recognized experts in the field.. Your gift to the ALTA Foundation will support continuing education for Certified Academic Language Therapists.

Ways to Contribute

Your contribution to the ALTA Foundation may:

Need More information? A member of the ALTA Board of Directors will be happy to speak with you and assist you in planning your gift. Call the ALTA national office for more information at 972-233-9107 x226.

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