Linda Gladden, CALT

Linda Gladden, CALT

Jamie G. Williams ALTA Founders Award Winner


The Jamie G. Williams ALTA Founders Award was established to honor an ALTA member in good standing who has made a significant contribution to the Organization. 2019’s recipient, Linda Gladden, is a leader, an educator and a role model who has been a dedicated member in the establishment and promotion of ALTA as an organization.

Linda received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education/Reading Concentration from the University of Texas. Upon graduation, she taught at the Briarwood School for children with special needs in Houston, TX. Linda began her training at Dean Memorial at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas, completing it in the first graduating class of the Neuhaus Education Center in Houston. She joined ALTA as a Certified Academic Language Therapist in 1992 and served on the board of the Houston Orton Dyslexia Society. Linda then moved to Austin, Texas, where she started a private practice and worked in the office of Dr. William Dailey, a neuropsychologist. She then helped found the Austin Orton Dyslexia Society. Linda served as the Executive Director of the Scottish Rite Learning Center of Austin from 2005-2009 while also serving as a dyslexia consultant for private and public schools in Austin. Additionally, Linda co-authored a book for children with special needs, Charlie’s Challenge.

Linda served on the ALTA Board as well as served ALTA as the Legislative Liaison when the first Texas Dyslexia Licensure bills were under consideration. She co-founded the Texas ALTA Chapter and served as its co-chair for seven years. Once again, ALTA is proud to list Linda as a member of ALTA’s Board of Directors, serving as Co-Chair of the National Legislative Committee.

“ALTA members share a passion for helping individuals with dyslexia and are committed to maintaining the highest level of professional training and practice,” stated Linda. “ALTA members represent the gold standard for providing effective intervention for those with dyslexia.”


The Academic Language Therapy Association is honored to recognize Linda Gladden as the recipient of the 2019 Jamie G. Williams ALTA Founders Award!


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