Terminology in education can be confusing for parents and professionals. Multisensory Structured Language Education (MSLE) describes the highly effective instructional approach used by ALTA-certified members. MSLE is intensive, teaches all components of the Structure of the English Language, is based on the Science of Reading research, incorporates diagnostic and prescriptive instructional techniques, and is explicit, systematic, and sequential. Let’s look at how ALTA defines the principles of MSLE instruction:

Diagnostic: follows an individualized instructional plan that is adaptive based on the needs of the student.

Systematic: predictable routines allow the student to focus on material and maximize instructional time.

Intensive: one-on-one or small group instruction that consistently occurs throughout the week for an extended period of time.

Simultaneous & Multisensory: two or more sensory modalities (visual, auditory, tactile-kinesthetic) are engaged at the same time to enhance learning.

Sequential & Cumulative: language instruction follows a logical order from simplest to advanced concepts. Concepts build upon each layer to automaticity.

Direct & Explicit: information is expressed in a precise and straightforward approach so the instructor eliminates guessing by the student.

Interested in training in MSLE and earning national certification from ALTA? ALTA maintains a list of training organizations here and the requirements for ALTA certification here.

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