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Friday, September 14, 2018

The nation-wide mission of Boon Philanthropy is to provide innovative funding and stewardship solutions that enable dedicated educators to have the knowledge and skills they need to help all learners become strong readers. Boon Philanthropy created the Orton National Teacher Scholarships with the goal of giving teachers free training in explicit, multisensory literacy instruction methods.

The ALTA Foundation is honored to be chosen to distribute Boon Philanthropy's Orton National Scholarship Grants. Boon Philanthropy's generosity has provided the ALTA Foundation with increased opportunities to continue to train teachers in explicit, multisensory literacy instruction.

2018 marked the first year of distribution for the Orton National Teacher Scholarships. The ALTA Foundation randomly distributes the scholarship grants to IMSLEC® accredited and ALTA® associated training courses. The following training courses received scholarships to be awarded to a currently enrolled trainee: Children's Dyslexia Centers MSLE Training Program, Colorado Literacy and Learning Center, Delaware Valley Friends School, Dyslexia Center of Austin, Multisensory Reading Centers of Puerto Rico, Neuhaus Education Center, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital Dyslexia Therapist Training Program, Scottish Rite Learning Center of South Texas, Scottish Rite Learning Center of West Texas, and Slingerland Institute for Literacy.

The ALTA Foundation appreciatively looks forward to a continued partnership with Boon Philanthropy and its commitment to provide opportunities for teachers to receive training in explicit, multisensory literacy instruction methods which have evolved from Samuel and June Orton's research and best practices.

ALTA Foundation Board of Directors

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