ALTA - Academic Language Therapy Association
Standards of Practice and Protocols for Academic Language Therapy

Standards of Practice and Protocols for Academic Language Therapy

Practices . . .

In addition to abiding by the Academic Language Therapy Association's Bylaws, Standards of Practice, and Code of Ethics, members of ALTA have certain obligations to our profession, colleagues, and clients. These are met . . .

To the Profession by:

To Colleagues by:

To Clients by:

Protocol . . .

Several simple, but worthwhile, conventions will serve to promote and maintain appropriate public recognition of the specialist nature of our education and professional practice and will help to give our profession important uniformity and consistency.

Use of the professional title "Certified Academic Language Therapist" is strictly limited to active members of the Academic Language Therapy Association.

Use of the Association's name and/or logo on business cards or other items is limited to members only.

Use of the official ALTA logo letterhead imprinted with Board of Directors is limited to the Board of Directors and Executive Office or by written permission.

Logo only stationery is available for member use to personalize.

ALTA members in private practice, and others where practical, should display the ALTA membership certificate as well as the specific certificate(s) of program completion.

Use of the ALTA membership Directory is for related professional purposes only.

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